About US

An expert and creative vision of investment banking

ECLIPS CORPORATION designs and delivers creative consumer loan products based on traditional values of transparency and responsibility.


Eclips Corporation is a group of people of high society who have international contacts. The company was founded in 1996 in UK. The mission is to satisfy the customer’s demand 100%. The interests of our clients are our priority. We work in partnership with our clients. We endeavour to deliver on their specific investment objectives through hard work, understanding, integrity, discretion, transparency and clear communication.

Dedicated staff

Each staff member has available a team specialized in the different sectors in order to ensure and offer a perfect and unique. Eclips Corporation works internationally with clients directly, treating the buy / sell in advance and bring it closer to the last step. We seek to offer products that are easy to understand and provide real solutions for customers.

100% satisfaction

We operate by business principles that are realistic, deliverable and, most importantly, believable. We have four core business principles that are framed in a series of simple questions:

– Responsibility
– Transparency
– Fairness
– Simplicity


We subscribe to an Open Architecture investment philosophy. This means we have no compensatory relationships with any external investment providers. Our loyalty is to the client, not to investment managers. We only recommend investments that make sense for the client. Therefore, our clients can rest assured that all of our recommendations, as well as the design and implementation of their investment plan, are completely objective. We can also tailor our investment services to consider the needs of their future generations.


We believe that active management is the responsible way to invest our clients’ assets in fixed income. For more than 25 years, we have worked relentlessly to help millions of investors pursue their objectives – regardless of shifting market conditions. We create real added value by offering innovative investment solutions, above-average performance and exceptional service tailored to the individual needs of professional investors.